6 Reasons Personal Trainers Are So Popular 

When you can’t make those important lifestyle changes on your own and wish for a human exercise guide who can help you work out more scientifically, it is time to call in the personal training Coogee. Personal fitness trainers are popular for a variety of reasons.

Education and Guidance

Personal trainers in Coogee are educated, well trained and experienced individuals with accredited college degrees or diplomas in this field and they are good at this job. It is impossible for any lay person to match up to the experience and knowledge of these professionals, even if you have researched the subject of exercise science thoroughly on your own.

Relying on the knowledge of these professionals will help you reach your fitness goals faster, without injuring yourself.

Correct Techniques

Personal trainers will teach you the correct methods of exercising/free weight training/cardio workouts or using props/equipment.


Many fitness enthusiasts tend to cheat themselves or skip workouts altogether when they are training on their own. Signing up for personal fitness programs in Rushcutters Bay will ensure that you work out honestly, do not cheat yourself and stick to the exercise program.

Your group fitness Rushcutters Bay class will keep a hawk eye on you when you work out. The fact that you are being watched and monitored will itself deter you from skipping classes or not giving in your 100 percent.

No Waste of Time

When you work out on your own in the gym, you pump weights, run on the treadmill for hours or work out on the elliptical and stationary bicycle for days on end and yet you do not see results. Either you do not attain your fitness goals or you get stuck in a weight loss plateau.

Personal trainers have the education, knowledge, skills and experience to introduce variety in your exercise regimen that helps you get out of the dreaded fitness plateau. You receive the maximum results in the shortest possible time, thanks to a tailor made, customised program that keeps your needs in mind. Yo can get a better idea of personal training programs at http://www.dangerouslyfit.com.au/personal-trainer/maroubra/.

What are the major muscle groups of the lower body?

The gluteals and the buttock muscle groups are one of the major lower body muscles as they are responsible for the movement of the upper portion of the leg muscles to the side.

The abductor group of the lateral thigh is another group of muscles which aid in sidewise and back movements. The hamstring muscles and the quadriceps muscles along with the calf muscles are other important lower body muscles in the body. Fitness training with expert will teach you many kinds of exercises which are targeted at developing all these lower body muscles.calf muscles

What to concentrate on when training for agility?

You must have heard about agility training in sports. Agility training comprises of exercises designed to alter direction, speed and angle while running or being involved in any physical activity.

To train for agility with fitness trainers an athlete must learn technique that control acceleration, strength, deceleration, flexibility and balance while in swift motion. About 80% of agility training depends upon strengthening the muscle groups in the lower body.

If you involved in any sports like running, playing tennis or basket ball then you will see how much lower body training will benefit your game.

What to check before you start your training?

Your physician should be consulted before you hire a personal trainer for learning lower body exercises. This is particularly relevant if you have health issues or lingering aches/pains.

Personal trainers have immense variety when it comes to chalking out customized exercise programs. A standard lower body strengthening program will consist of lunges, leg extensions, balance exercises and curls. You can rest assured that your training program will be modified to fit your needs.