A Beginners Guide to Commercial Lighting

A Beginners Guide to Commercial Lighting

When it comes to office design, understanding how you want to place lights is an important step in not just overall aesthetic but comfort within your workspace. In fact, we’d go as far as to say it might be the most important aspect. Awkward lighting can affect employee mental health, productivity, increased long term costs and energy consumption. With that in mind, here’s a quick guide to commercial lighting strategies that will help you save money and create a better productive workspace.

Reception lighting

The reception of your organisation is the very first impression any visitor will have of your office. Lighting in this area should give out a certain message. More importantly, however, it should have a mix of lighting tailored for hard tasks such as illuminating the path to the rest of the office as well as lighting near the desk for hard-tasks. Softer lighting can be placed around the room so as not to overpower the entire area.

Office meeting room lighting

The lights in meeting rooms are just as crucial, as well. Meeting rooms serve a multitude of purposes ranging from work presentations to important meetings and collaborative discussions. As such, it is important that the lights fitted in these rooms can be dimmed according to the purpose of the activity. 

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Office floor lighting

Lighting fitted in the main space occupying employee desks is the most important as that’s where most people will be working. Light fixtures in large areas such as this should ideally mimic natural daylight. Therefore, your selection should consider the temperature of the light as well as the brightness and overall colour. 

LED Lighting Installation Avondale

It’s important to consider various factors when deciding on light fixtures for commercial purposes. However, another important point to consider is the type of lights you plan on installing. Many companies are switching to LED lights and this type has been recognised as the best option for the long term cost-friendly benefits and the overall ambience provided. LED lights are immensely efficient bt converting around 80-90% of electricity directly pulled into the bulb. This improves efficiency tremendously and reduces carbon emissions. This feeds into the recovery of your cost of LED installation. Additionally, the lifespan of LED lights are much longer and can provide the same lighting at 20 watts compared to a halogen bulb that would require around 80 watts. Furthermore, LED lights have a greater spread of light and more evenly making it a perfect option for offices. They also don’t heat up compared to other lights which significantly reduces skin burns and even kindle fires. 

Your trusted electrician Avondale: Northern Lights

As with other design elements, commercial lighting aesthetic matters for overall ambience and employee productivity. Don’t fall into the trap of poor lighting and leave the hard work to the experts. The team at Northern Lights are expert Avondale electricians. With over 20 years of experience, in LED installation for residential and commercial purposes, they are the number one choice. For all your LED lighting installation Avondale, contact Northern Lights. 

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