Factors to consider when choosing the best COLORBOND® Steel colour for your building

Factors to consider when choosing the best COLORBOND® Steel colour for your building

Congrats for picking COLORBOND® steel for your building application. As a state-of-the-art amenity, COLORBOND is a solid and dependable solution manufactured for superior performance & long term aesthetic across different climatic conditions within & without Australia.

Be that as it may, there is still one more factor remaining to fully complete the determination of your preferred COLORBOND® steel grade. You certainly want a product that that will impeccably fit and match the style of your premises. COLORBOND comes in a prodigious scope of 22 standard hues that you can choose from to set the theme for your entire building or complement your other construction material decisions. However, with such a magnitude of colour alternatives catering to different heritage palettes & climates, selecting the right colour for your establishment may somewhat prove a daunting task. You almost have too much to aptly settle for a final decision.

But should that really worry you? No, it shouldn’t overwhelm you at all.

The most ideal approach to work your way out of this is to tie everything together and get a sense of what hues will coherent flawlessly around your property.

Consider these essential tips to guide you through.

The Style/Design of your Home or building

COLORBOND® Steel categorises their colours into classic or contemporary classes that fit with many home plan styles. For example, colours like Cottage Green and Manor Red work best with conventional older style buildings while modern homes will look more distinct and striking with hues like wind spray and shale dark.

It’s also critical to think about the general structure of your home and the construction materials utilised in order to ensure that your chosen colour links harmoniously with the rest of the design. As an illustration, you could coordinate your rooftop colour with a shade of the colour in your bricks, or try to match the colour of your roof to the other parts of your premises such as fences and walls. This guarantees congruence of your roof the rest of the building.

COLORBOND® Steel offers many colour choices to blend seamlessly with various Landscapes and Environment

COLORBOND® offers a variety of colour decisions that blend seamlessly with each and every environment be it rural, coastal, city or suburban. The brand has a colour that can suit any landscape splendidly.

  • For rural areas, utilize hearty tones like Pale Eucalypt that will blend coherently into your surroundings of green landscapes is recommended.   
  • If it is in the coastal locales go for intelligent colours such as Windspray to enhance the water and sandy environment.
  • In the City/suburban Areas, striking colours like Monument will prove very useful for modern houses.
  • In hot climatic environments, the colouring of your roof will significantly affect its thermal performance. Lighter colours are recommended as they assist in cooling your house and may even spare you lots of power bills.

Is there a building restriction in your area – COLORBOND® Steel has you covered.

Building prerequisites such as local Council regulations will have a major role in influencing the colour you settle for, particularly, in the event that you have a heritage listed house.

This is because there is a great deal of city and local councils in Australia that commemorate the local architectural history by proclaiming a certain area as a heritage region. This implies that there are unique guidelines on how to repair, change, or fabricate structures there. The homes here are thus constrained to a particular scope of colours that must be adhered to.

Check with the relevant authorities to see which colours are allowed in your vicinity – COLORBOND® Steel has all the colour matches for barely almost every housing heritage.

Which is the best COLORBOND® Steel fencing colour for my garden?

The fence around your home functions as a background to your garden, a border and a security border around your premises. With COLORBOND® steel fencing you are assured of a brilliant fencing product that is non-combustible, modest to maintain, and won’t decay or be eaten by termites. But that alone isn’t enough. Having a fence that also enhances the beauty of your home and backyard is simply timeless.

We all need a fence that upgrades the foliage of our gardens and not conceals it. Thusly, it’s essential to consider the colour of your greenery and plants and look for a colour that complements it.

Seek a piece of professional advice if necessary

You can as well consult with professional roofers for their opinion. Most of them are very knowledgeable with years of experience in the field and can be of great help in securing a COLORBOND® Steel colour that immaculately links with the rest of your construction for a complete & comprehensive aesthetic.

Remember, there is no right or wrong colour decision; it all depends on the individual’s personal preference or inclination. Colour preference is additionally rather subjective, and our preferences can change from time to time.

Alternatively, if steel isn’t want you’re looking for then maybe you should consider sheet metal.

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