Digital Squad Singapore – Company Profile

Digital Squad Singapore – Company Profile

Digital Squad is the leading SEO and digital marketing agency in Singapore. Our team is constantly working on building successful and result driven Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns for our clients. Our goal is to rank our clients’ website’s pages on the first page across all search engines. By testing, analysing and researching the Google algorithm, we ensure that we are ahead of other companies in our industry. Apart from being the leading SEO agency Singapore, we also provide digital marketing campaigns such as AdWords marketing Singapore and Facebook marketing Singapore.

Google AdWords is an advertising platform where you can pay to display ads on the first page of a search engine (pay-per-click). The top three results on Google’s first page are advertisements from Google AdWords. Let your digital marketing agency Singapore help you target customers for your business with Google AdWords. This tool makes it possible to measure every click and every dollar spent on each keyword.

Facebook Business lets you create targeted ads so you can reach your audience while they are browsing through their newsfeed. With these ads, you can also reach out to readers who are not even aware of your business. Digital Squad can help you see how your audience interact with Facebook and how you can create a Facebook campaign that reaches them at the right time and place of the buyer´s journey.

Another great social media to market your business is Instagram. People often come here to view things they are interested in and care about. Instagram has become a huge platform for Influencer Marketing – a form of marketing where individuals who have influence over potential customers market your business’s product or service.

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