How Estate Lawyers Can Help You in Defending a Will

A loved one’s passing can leave behind an estate that must be administered to the beneficiaries in his or her will. More often than not, an Executor of a Will is appointed to ensure that the estate is administered, liabilities are accounted for, and that the properties or assets are distributed as indicated in the will. It’s admittedly quite a daunting task, especially for someone who does not have any experience in estate law. It’s exceptionally more challenging when a beneficiary or other individuals contest a will. The Executor must then be able to defend the will. Will defending is one of the primary responsibilities of the Executor and it’s best done with the help of estate lawyers who can provide knowledge and insights on how to defend a will. Oftentimes, the larger the estate, the more complicated will defending becomes.

When defending a will in Victoria, one must consider the benefits of obtaining the services of a highly experienced estate lawyer who can provide insights on how to defend a will. The teams at Hentys Lawyers are ready and capable of giving sound advice and assistance to those who find themselves in the unfortunate situation of defending a will. As an Executor of a Will, you have the responsibility of several legal duties, such as collecting and protecting the assets of the estate and providing an inventory to the Supreme Court. As Executor, you are also responsible for notifying all beneficiaries of the will and pay estate debts and outstanding liabilities, as well as manage the costs involved in administering the estate. While this may all sound very daunting, these tasks can be made easier when you work with estate lawyers who specialise in will defending.

Expertise in Estate Disputes and Will Defending

Estate lawyers can help gather documentation and affidavits for the Court.

As Executor of a Will, it is your job to get organized. Whether the estate is small or large with several assets involved, you need to gather and collect the real and personal assets of the deceased and provide an inventory of all of it to the Supreme Court. Properties, valuables, and other assets must be accounted for and kept safe. Estate lawyers can assist in the documentation process, preparing affidavits and other records to satisfy the formal requirements of the Court.

Assist in validating the eligibility of the individuals challenging the will and ensuring the legitimacy of their claims.

When a will is challenged by beneficiaries or other interested parties, the Executor must know how to defend a will. This is where specialized estate lawyers come in. Their expertise and years of experience in will defending can give you a good idea on the processes involved and the documentation required.

Advising about mediation conferences, procedures, rules, timetables, and hearings throughout Court proceedings.

There is a multi-step process in defending a will and throughout this process, estate lawyers can provide insights about mediation conferences, Court procedures, and other vital information about Court proceedings that you’ll need to abide by when it comes to defending a will in Court.

Instructing you on the evidence required to achieve success in defending a will.

To counter a person’s claim against an existing will, you’ll need to gather enough evidence to create your counter argument. This may include bank statements, land titles, and other documentation. Estate lawyers will guide you through what you need to win your case when defending a will.

Explaining which laws apply to the case and how to use them to effectively defend a will or reach a settlement.

Probably one of the most important benefits of obtaining the services of an estate lawyer is gaining access to their expertise in estate law. These skilled estate lawyers are in the best position to give advice on the specific laws applicable to your case and how you can utilize them to either defend the will or reach a settlement with the claimant. Estate lawyers can also provide you advice on the merits of settling or defending claims.

When it comes to defending a will, estate lawyers from Hentys Lawyers provide a “No Win No Fee” benefit that ensures your success. The team at Hentys Lawyers have over 25 years of experience representing Executors, specifically whenever they are defending a will. Their “No Win No Fee” offer lets you stay confident that their team will do everything in their power to implement solutions that are proactive, preventative, and cost-effective, so you can have peace of mind during this challenging time. Hentys Lawyers remain with you through every step of the way, ensuring that you are equipped with everything you need to know so you can make informed decisions when it comes to defending a will.

If you find yourself defending a will in Melbourne, consult lawyers who specialize in estate law so you not only carry out your responsibilities as an Executor of a Will to the best of your capabilities, but you also have a competitive advantage when it comes to will defending. Hentys Lawyers are ready to provide their will defending consultation services, which helped hundreds of clients achieve success in and out of Court. For more information on defending a will in Victoria, visit Hentys Lawyers.

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