Why You Need Data Structured Cabling for Your Business

Why You Need Data Structured Cabling for Your Business

As we dive deeper into the abyss of the web 2.0, information is the most valuable currency. Whether it be derived from businesses or consumers, data is the backbone of today’s telecommunications. With data centres scattered across the world and offices using data to fuel their businesses, structured cabling is a best-practice effort to improve efficiency mitigate data failure. 

What is data structured cabling? 

Data centre environments are complex at best and having an organised cabling system can help nurture a seamless network growth. Data structured cabling is a system of organisation will organise the physical cabling network to help your business perform at an optimal level It will minimise human error and stress on your business functionality. Furthermore, it will lead to fewer hardware errors. 

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Benefits of structured cabling

There are a plethora of benefits in organising your business’ cabling structure. Firstly, it provides a great degree of efficiency. Moving hardware around, whether that be changing office locations or simply moving around within your space would be significantly more difficult if your cabling had little to no organisation. A tangled mess of wires inside a wall will make you tear your hair out. Instead, having a structured cabling system can prevent a messy move and also leave less room for human error. Secondly, it limits a significant level of redundancy. A well-structured ICT infrastructure means that maintenance can be just as seamless. This improves overall dependability and accessibility of the wiring. If one wire or a set of wires require maintenance, it can be easily repaired as opposed to worrying about any redundancies that can occur from tangled cabling. Lastly, structured cabling improves the longevity of your wiring. With maintenance and repairs easier to conduct, the flexibility is unparallel. Additionally, with technology improving in groundbreaking speeds, updating your telecommunications will be a whole lot easier. 

How can data structured cabling help your business?

Having an organised cabling structure will reduce all unnecessary issues your business may face. Imagine repetitively confusing ports with their respective cables and on top of that having a tangled mess of wires.

Implementing structured cabling can reduce time spent tracing cable ports and allow optimal functionality of your hardware. With data centres becoming increasingly complex and advanced, having a cabling system should be a non-negotiable necessity. 

A cabling company that can not only provide the highest level of organisation for your cabling but also provide the aesthetics that come with a neat structure amongst rolls of wires can be a headache reliever. Choose a company that can not only implement a structure for your wires but can upgrade your current status of wires. Northern Lights Data provides structured cabling Auckland with ongoing maintenance so that you can carry on with your business at an optimal level with no worry about hardware performance. 

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