What is 5G & How Will it Impact Cell Repair Services?

What is 5G & How Will it Impact Cell Repair Services?

5G connectivity has been adopted by large network providers across Australia and even other countries. There’s quite a few speculations and knowledge gaps on what exactly 5G is about and how that affects phone repairs. So, we’ve done the research and laid down for you.

Before we get into how 5G affects cell phone repairs, let’s cement what 5G is all about. 5G is, in non-techy terms is unimaginably fast data transmission speed. For the general population, 5G won’t affect your life (or smart-phone life) immediately. Speeds of 3G and 4G will still be in function for a while. Unfortunately, if you want to get on the high-speed life, 5G connectivity is only available for new phones who can sustain that type of network. 

The first question that you might be asking is when will it be practically rolled out? 5G, although has been thrown a lot in the recent months, is still in its infancy. It hasn’t been rolled out in a practical sense and even from tech giants such as Apple, we’d have to wait until they take the stage in September before we really know anything about a 5G iPhone. 

A second question you might have is how does it impact really impact us as a consumer? Given that 5G isn’t as publically available as 4G LTE or even 3G networks, only time will tell how exactly it will affect us. It goes without saying that download speeds and functionality will be elevated to new heights but the bottom line is, will it really matter to us? 

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In some ways, yes and in some ways, no. Yes, because as we become more accustomed to the idea of the Internet of things (IoT), latencies will significantly decline. Imagine, if you’re in a crowded public space, like a sports stadium, you’d be hardpressed to find stable data connectivity. 5G will answer your frustrations because you won’t experience any such latencies. Yes, it would require a massive shift in data infrastructure, but it’s inevitable. Additionally, with such unimaginable speeds, tech pros are predicting a shift to unlimited data plans for public consumption. With this, however, we can expect a price increase in data and mobile plans. Will this price hike justify the jump to 5G? Some may say agree whilst others disagree. 

Now that we have a remote idea of what 5G is, how will it impact phone repair services? In asking this, the first scenario that you might find yourself in is if you’re interested in upgrading to 5G services. As mentioned before, 5G services are mostly geared for the newest models of smartphones in the market and asking your local repair service will cost you significant amounts of money. It requires altering components to utilise the technology and it would be first wise to seek information and discuss your options if you’re really keen. 

5G is still a new phenomenon, but for the time being, we’ll have to settle for our current data speeds and the services offered as a result. If you’re in the market to look for phone repair services, why not contact the team at The Core? With thousands of happy customers across New Zealand, the experts provide top of the range iPhone repair services. No matter if it’s a cracked screen, a battery replacement or something completely different, let the Core help you out. Get in touch with iPhone repair Auckland services today. 

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