Mobile Phone Repairs: What to expect

Mobile Phone Repairs: What to expect

The unfortunate time has come when your phone hit the pavement and gravity worked against you only to leave your phone in tatters and a cracked screen. Or maybe you just dropped in the sink and no amount of rice seems to be getting your phone to turn on. Alternatively, it could be something completely different. Whichever the problem, you have to take it in for repairs. But what should you expect when you have to service it? Ensure you’re not getting into a muddle with your repair service by checking our checklist below on things to watch out for: 

Reputation & qualification

This is a no brainer, but before you hand in what some may call a lifeline, check to make sure that the iPhone repair service has an excellent reputation and is qualified to fix your phone. We highly recommend going for a referral or even reading the reviews online before you go in blindly.

Back up your device

This has nothing to do with the repair service in particular, but backing up your device saves you from a whole host of possibilities. In case the repairer can’t fix your phone or alters any data stored as a result of fixing it, you have a backup of all your files. This will be especially useful in case your phone gets bricked. 

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Don’t dump and run

In your haste (and panic), don’t drop off your phone at the repair service. Make sure you are given a walkthrough about the diagnosis and how they plan on fixing it. This will give a very good indication of how qualified the service is and you can then proceed to ask about the pricing.  

Give all the information you have about the incident

Just as much as it’s important to ask the iPhone repair service the diagnosis and how they plan on fixing it, providing everything you know about what happened is just as vital. This can help expedite the repair time if they have all the information. Additionally, if your phone is a couple of years old and already suffering from a few minor problems, it would be very useful for the service to know so that they are aware of the all the technical damage. Moreover, your repair service can kill two birds in one stone and fix any other subsequent issue, as well. 

Passcodes and any other access

It’s highly likely that you will have to provide your passcode for the iPhone repairer to service it. What this means is you might want to delete or lock up any personal information as a point of precaution. 

It’s not a good day when your phone has to be taken in for service, but given how much we rely on it, it’s important to hand it over to qualified repairers. The Core is backed with a team of experts who can diagnose and fix just about any phone issue. If you’re in the market for iPhone repair Auckland, call up the team at The Core. With thousands of happy customers across New Zealand, they’re the top iPhone repair services. Call them up today for a quote.

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