How to look after your skin when travelling

Travelling is such an exciting time! Exploring new places and meeting new people is something many people enjoy. However, travelling can often mean luggage weight limits, prohibited liquid sizes or prohibited ingredients creating barriers to maintaining a skincare routine when travelling.

You can maintain your skincare routine when travelling by packing smart, this could include:

  • Substitute a cleanser bottle or make up wipes for a reusable makeup pad which can be used with water applied to it
  • Rather than packing serums or acne spot products just simply pack some salicylic acid pads
  • Instead of taking large bottles of products perhaps purchase some travel packs and only take as much as you will need, travel bottles are often sold at any chemist and are about 10-20ml
  • Substitute any large packaged products for something which is smaller and one-use, for example instead of taking a mask in a pot or jar take a sheet mask pack because it packs in better allowing more space for other products to fit
  • Only pack the skincare that you can’t buy at your destination, other beauty products like shampoo or conditioner can probably be purchased when you reach your destination so think about how much room every product is taking up and whether it’s necessary to be packed
  • Be sure to also pack all of your products in a zip lock or leak proof bag, this is useful because it stops your products from leaking all throughout your bag and mixing with others

When deciding on which skin care to sacrifice and which skin care to take think about what you use most frequently and what has the best effect, you should have a pretty good idea of what to take. If you still cannot decide do some research or talk to a skincare professional, if you explain your skin type and what skincare you are using they should be able to recommend a range of products for you to pack on you trip.

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