5 Important Law Firm Marketing Strategies to Implement in 2020

Digital marketing has impacted almost every industry in the world of business today. Not to be left behind by the technological revolution, law firms are also investing in digital strategies to help boost client acquisition. Law firm marketing can also improve lead generation and client retention through various activities such as email marketing and social media marketing. Throughout this entire process, law firms can rely on law firm digital marketing agencies that specialize in supporting legal organizations to help them achieve their business goals. With the ever-changing marketing landscape constantly being influenced by digital technologies, how can your law firm keep up? By developing law firm marketing strategies alongside business to business marketing agencies.

5 Ways to Boost Your Law Firm Marketing Strategy in 2020

Whether your law firm has in-house marketers or are looking to team up with law firm marketing professionals to come up with marketing activities for 2020, keep in mind these 5 tips on how to improve your law firm marketing strategy to get better, more qualified leads and improve customer retention.

Boost your website—it’s your digital sales representative after all!

Think if your law firm’s website as a digital sales representative. It must have the capability to send the right message about your law firm and represent it to the best of its capacity. This is where thoughtful design comes into play. Your website must be optimized for SEO and mobile as well. Business to business marketing agencies often have in-house web developers to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile users and for SEO. Web optimization is important because your website has the ability to be found by target customers as they are searching.

Harness the power of local SEO.

Did you know that up to 61% of mobile searchers are more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile-friendly website? That’s according to Junto (via Hubspot). This highlights the importance of optimizing down to your law firm’s location. After all, clients and businesses who are looking to enlist your services will search for firms within their location. This is where the Google My Business account comes into play. This establishes your presence on a search engine and on Google Maps, making your law firm easier to find.

Be where your customers are—on social media.

Depending on what type of law your firm practices, law firm marketing professionals can help you determine which social media platforms you should have a presence in. For example, law firms that that provide legal counsel to enterprises are best suited to have a presence in LinkedIn, while estate lawyers or divorce attorneys are better off having an accessible B2C Facebook page.

Create relevant law firm marketing content for your target customers.

Law firm marketing content doesn’t necessarily mean lengthy, boring blogs posts. In fact, meaningful and valuable content for target customers can come in the form of infographics or videos. According to Hubspot, as much as 51% of B2B marketers are already prioritizing the creation of visual assets as part of their overall content marketing strategy.

Build credibility through client testimonials.

Today’s customers are truly discerning. They take the time to research on a business, brand, or product and often interact with multiple marketing touchpoints before making first contact or making a purchase. Entrepreneur suggests having an industry expert in your field review your product or service. This method is two-pronged as it can not only help reel in customers, but you also gain insights on how to improve your product or service. Another option is to gather customer testimonials, which can serve as case studies you can present to prospective clients down the road. Going back to the Google My Business example, customer testimonials can increase the credibility of your profile.

Law firm digital marketing need not be a challenge for legal organizations today. With the help of business to business marketing agencies, today’s law marketers can gain access to the latest marketing tools and trends to help support their business objectives. Teaming up with a law firm digital marketing agency or marketing experts in your industry can help provide a more personalized approach to developing industry-specific marketing strategies. Some business to business marketing agencies offer technology marketing services specific to companies in the tech sector. A technology marketing agency can better develop strategies for a tech company because of their experience in that specific field. The same goes for law firm marketing agencies. Get in touch with your local marketing agency today to learn more.

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